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Category: State Tax Questions

How do I file just my state return without filing a federal return?

Much of the information that gets reported on a state return gets listed on your federal return as well. Because of this, you must enter your federal return information as though you are preparing a federal return. When you are done with your federal return, add the appropriate state returns that you plan to file.


When you are ready to submit your state return, go to the Summary tab and then select "Continue to E-File". You will then be able to select what returns you wish to e-file. If you only want to file your state return (and do NOT want to file your federal return), make sure that ONLY the state return box is checked.

Please note: At this time, we offer ‘state only’ filings to customers who have already filed a current year accepted federal return with us. If you have not filed a federal return with us but wish to, please go back and check the federal return box at the beginning of the e-file process.


If you have already filed a federal return elsewhere, it is recommended that you file your state returns with that provider as well. You may also go to the state website for assistance.


Your account will still be charged the e-file fee when filing a "State Only" return. Some states still require that some Part Year and/or Non Resident returns be mailed in. To check if this is case for your state please go to TaxSlayer > scroll to the bottom of the screen > Tax Links > Supported States > select the state which you need information for.