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Category: Finding Deductions

I used my car for my job. What type of mileage can I deduct?

Generally, the only mileage that you can deduct is "business mileage". This usually includes:

* Getting from one workplace to another in the course of your business or profession when you are traveling within the city or general area that is your tax home.

* Visiting clients or customers.

* Going to a business meeting away from your regular workplace.

* Getting from your home to a temporary workplace when you have one or more regular places of work. These temporary workplaces can be either within the area of your tax home or outside that area.


If you just drove your vehicle back and forth to a regular place of employment every day, this is not considered "business mileage". This is just commuting mileage.


Commuting: Generally, commuting is travel between your home and a work location. However, travel that meets any of the following conditions is not commuting:

* You have at least one regular work location away from your home and the travel is to a temporary work location in the same trade or business, regardless of the distance. Generally, a temporary work location is one where your employment is expected to last 1 year or less. See IRS Publication 463 for more details.

* The travel is to a temporary work location outside the metropolitan area where you live and normally work.

* Your home is your principal place of business under section 280A(c)(1)(A) (for purposes of deducting expenses for business use of your home) and the travel is to another work location in the same trade or business, regardless of whether that location is regular or temporary and regardless of distance.