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Category: Minnesota

Minnesota K–12 Education Expense (Schedule M1ED)

Who is Eligible

You may be able to receive a credit if you paid certain types of education-related expenses in 2016 for qualifying children in grades kindergarten through 12 (K–12). Married persons filing separate returns cannot claim this credit. To qualify, your household income—which is your federal adjusted gross income plus most nontaxable income—must be under the limit based on the number of qualifying children you have in grades K–12. A qualifying child is the same as for the federal earned income credit.


If the Total # of Qualifying Children in K-12 is:

Your Household Income Must be Less Than:

1 or 2








6 or more


*More than 6 children

*$43,500 plus $2,000 for each additional qualifying child


Note: If your household income is more than the limits shown, you do not qualify for the credit. However, you may qualify for a subtraction.


If you are eligible, complete Schedule M1ED. You may claim a credit equal to 75% of your actual expenses—up to the maximum amount—for which you have documentation, such as itemized cash register receipts and canceled checks. Expenses that cannot be used for the credit may be used for the subtraction. However, you cannot use the same expenses for both.


Penalty for Fraudulently Claiming a Refund

If you file a return that fraudulently claims a refund, you will be assessed a penalty. The penalty is 50% of the fraudulently claimed refund.


You Must Have Proof

Save records (such as itemized cash register receipts and canceled checks) of all your education expenses. You may be asked to show such records if there is any question concerning your education credit.


As mentioned above, if you do not qualify for the K-12 Education Credit, you may be able to claim a subtraction. To see if you qualify for the subtraction, please click here.