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Category: Oklahoma

Oklahoma Use Tax

Every state with a sales tax has a companion tax for purchases made outside the state. In Oklahoma, that tax is called “use tax”. If you have purchased items for use in Oklahoma from retailers who do not collect Oklahoma sales tax whether by mail order, catalog, television shopping networks, radio, Internet, phone or in person, you owe Oklahoma use tax on those items. Use tax is paid by the buyer when the Oklahoma sales tax has not been collected by the seller. Individuals in Oklahoma are responsible for paying use tax on their out-of-state purchases.

Examples of items that are subject to sales tax include books, compact discs, computer equipment, computer software, electronics, clothing, appliances, furniture and other home furnishings, sporting goods and jewelry. When an out-of-state retailer does not collect Oklahoma sales tax, the responsibility of paying the tax falls on the purchaser.

Use tax is calculated at the same rate as sales tax, which varies by city and county. The state sales tax rate is 4.5% (.045) plus the applicable city and/or county rates. If you do not know the exact amount of Oklahoma use tax you owe based on your city and county sales tax rate, you can either:

  1. Use the tax table included in the state tax booklet or multiply your Adjusted Gross Income from line 1 by 0.056% (.00056).
  2. Use one of the Use Tax worksheets to calculate your Oklahoma use tax. Complete Worksheet One if you kept records of all of your out-of-state purchases. Complete Worksheet Two if you did not keep records of all of your out-of-state purposes.


To reference each Use Tax Worksheet, please refer to the instructions for Form 511.


Note: Your use tax worksheets may be reviewed. If it is determined that you owe more use tax than what is shown on your return, you may be subject to an assessment for the additional use tax.