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Category: Other Tax Forms

How to Claim a Refund Due Deceased Taxpayer (Form 1310)

Form 1310 is generally used when filing a return for a deceased taxpayer where a refund is due to the decedent. The IRS requires this information be filled out to show who filed for the refund due the deceased taxpayer. The Form 1310 can be found under "Miscellaneous Forms" within the "Federal Section" of your TaxSlayer account. Generally, Form 1310 is filed by the personal representative, such as the executor or administrator, of the decedent's estate as appointed or certified by the court.

For additional information see Publication 559 Survivors, Executors, and Administrators.


If you are filing for your spouse that has passed away this form is not necessary for the year in which they passed. If both the taxpayer and spouse passed away during the year, please note that the IRS only allows you to e-file one Form 1310 on a return.


For more information see Tax Topic 356

For other life events information: Click here


TaxSlayer Entry: From within your account, select Federal Section >> Miscellaneous Forms >> Claim a Refund Due to a Deceased Taxpayer.