9 most overlooked deductions

9 Most Overlooked Deductions

Interested in lowering your tax bill? First check out these 9 deductions, and then have a look at TaxSlayer’s deduction finder to see what else you might qualify for. Let’s see how much money you can save this tax season!

  1. Job search expenses can be deducted, but you must meet these requirements.
  2. Self-employed health insurance if the insurance plan was established under your business. Here’s an example to clarify this deduction.
  3. Charitable contributions are deductible, but make sure you’re giving your money to a qualifying organization. 
  4. Teacher out-of-pocket expenses can be deducted for up to $250 to cover classroom items such as books, equipment, and other supplies. 
  5. Student loan interest is the interest you paid during the year. To claim this deduction (as an adjustment to your income—no need to itemize), you must meet these 5 requirements. 
  6. Home office deductions can be taken using one of two methods. Read more here. 
  7. IRA contributions to a traditional IRA may be deductible, or you could take a credit that matches a percentage of what you contributed. However, you must have earned income. Before you take this deduction, find out what counts as earned income. 
  8. Work-related education expenses must be for education that sustains your current job skills or knowledge or improves upon them. Check out these other deductions you can take related to your job. 
  9. Sale of your home. Let’s say you made a profit when you sold your home. See if you qualify to exclude the gain from your tax return. 

Don’t forget to use TaxSlayer’s deduction finder—available in every product—to ensure you get your maximum refund.  


Updated February 16, 2018