When are My Taxes Due?

This article is up to date for the 2021 tax filing season (2020 tax returns).

The IRS has extended the federal tax deadline in 2021 to give taxpayers longer to file and pay any taxes owed. But, they still recommend that you file as soon as possible, especially if you are expecting a refund. Individual states have also extended their tax filing deadlines (see the list below for details).

When is the federal tax filing deadline?   

For most taxpayers, federal income tax returns and tax payments are due on May 17, 2021. This means you must file your 2020 federal return or request an extension no later than this date to avoid a tax penalty. If you owe taxes, you can file any time before the deadline and schedule your payment closer to May 17. If you’re worried about making tax payments, there are options to help you avoid fees and penalties. Learn more about IRS payment plans

The filing deadline may be different for victims of federally declared disasters in 2021. To find out if you are eligible for tax relief following a natural disaster, check out this article from our knowlegebase or visit the IRS website.

When is the deadline to file and pay state taxes?  

The due date for filing and paying state taxes varies by state, and you can check your state’s Department of Revenue page for more the most up-to-date information at any time. 

The state tax filing due dates for 2021 (returns filed in 2021) are as follows:

May 17th 

  • Alabama 
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas 
  • California 
  • Colorado 
  • Connecticut 
  • District of Columbia
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Illinois 
  • Indiana 
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky 
  • Maine 
  • Massachusetts 
  • Michigan 
  • Minnesota 
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska 
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York 
  • North Carolina 
  • North Dakota 
  • Ohio 
  • Oregon 
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina 
  • Tennessee
  • Utah 
  • Vermont
  • Virginia 
  • West Virginia 
  • Wisconsin

June 15th

  • Oklahoma 
  • Louisiana

July 15th 

  • Maryland  

Looking for Hawaii? Hawaii gave tax filers a few extra days. Tax returns were due April 20.

When is the deadline to file for a federal tax return extension?  

Even if you are filing an extension, you must do so by May 17, 2021.  

When is the extended filing deadline for 2020 tax returns?  

If you file for an extension in May, your 2020 tax return is due no later than October 15, 2021.   

When do I have to file an amended return for tax year 2020?  

You have 3 years from the original due date to file an amended return, which would be April 15, 2024, for returns filed in 2021. Read more about filing an amended return here

When is the last day to contribute to a 401K?  

Contribute to your 401k by December 31, 2020, to be able to write it off on your 2021 tax return. 

When is the deadline to make 2020 IRA contributions?  

The IRS has extended the deadline for making contributions to traditonal and Roth IRAs to May 17, 2021. The deadline for contributions to health savings accounts (HSAs), Archer Medical Savings Accounts (Archer MSAs), and Coverdell education savings accounts (Coverdell ESAs) has also been extended to May 17. 

When is open enrollment for Marketplace Insurance?  

If you need to enroll in a health insurance plan through the Marketplace, make sure to do it between the dates of November 1, 2021 – December 15, 2021. 

When do I need to report my tip income each month?  

Report your tip income on the 10th of every month. For example, if you make $100 in tips in January, you must report this by February 10.  

What are the due dates for estimated tax payments?  

2020 Estimated 4th Quarter Tax Payment DueJanuary 15, 2021 

2021 Estimated 1st Quarter Tax Payment DueApril 15, 2021 

2021 Estimated 2nd Quarter Tax Payment DueJune 15, 2021 

2021 Estimated 3rd Quarter Tax Payment DueSeptember 15, 2021 

Self-employed? Read more about quarterly estimated taxes here

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