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If you’re looking for a fast and free way to file your taxes, you’ve come to the right place. TaxSlayer Simply Free includes everything you need to file a simple federal tax return and one free state return.

How can I use TaxSlayer for free?

TaxSlayer has a free tax filing option called TaxSlayer Simply Free. You can file with Simply Free if you meet these basic criteria:

  • Your taxable income is less than $100,000
  • You do not claim any dependents
  • Your filing status is Single or Married Filing Jointly
  • Your types of income are wages, salaries, tips, taxable interest of $1,500 or less, and unemployment compensation
  • You take the standard deduction (meaning you do not itemize your deductions)

Check out the infographic below to find out if Simply Free is a good fit for your tax filing situation.

Start free today with TaxSlayer!

Can I use Simply Free if I have student loan interest and education tax credits?

Yes, TaxSlayer Simply Free includes the student loan interest deduction. It also includes education credits, like the American Opportunity Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit.

What if I start filing but I don’t qualify for Simply Free?

If your tax situation does not qualify for TaxSlayer Simply Free, you will be notified during the filing process. All of the information you have entered to that point will be transferred to TaxSlayer Classic, so you can complete your return.

TaxSlayer Classic handles any tax situation and includes all supported IRS forms, schedules, credits, and deductions.

This article is intended to provide general information to the public and does not provide personalized tax, investment, legal, or business advice. You should seek the assistance of a professional for advice on taxes, investments, and any other financial, legal, or business matter pertinent to your individual situation.

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