How Do I File My Taxes for Free in 2021?

Where can I file my taxes for free? 

If you qualify, you can file your federal return and one state return for free online using TaxSlayer Simply Free

What is included for free? 

File with TaxSlayer Simply Free to get: 

  • Prepare, print, and e-file a basic 1040 federal tax return 
  • 100% accuracy guaranteed with our always up-to-date calculations  
  • Your maximum refund guaranteed, every time 
  • Deduct student loan interest and claim education credits 
  • Enjoy unlimited phone and email support 
  • Upload a prior year tax return from another tax service 
  • Compare your return to last year’s before you file 
  • One state return 

Who is eligible to file for free? 

If you have a simple tax situation (basic 1040) and meet the requirements listed here, then you will qualify to file with TaxSlayer Simply Free. 

Is TaxSlayer really free? 

Yes, TaxSlayer Simply Free is really free if your tax situation meets the following requirements: 

  • Your taxable income is less than $100,000. 
  • You claim no dependents
  • You file using the filing status of Single or Married Filing Jointly. 
  • Your types of income only include wages, salaries, tips, or taxable interest of $1,500 or less and unemployment compensation. 
  • You take the standard deduction. 

You can also claim certain education credits and deduct your student loan interest. 

What if my tax situation doesn’t qualify for Simply Free? 

If your tax situation does not qualify for TaxSlayer Simply Free, you can file your federal tax return with TaxSlayer Classic for only $24.95. Each state return is additional.  

A few tax situations that are not covered by Simply Free include: 

If you start filing using TaxSlayer Simply Free but your situation no longer qualifies for free, you can continue to file using one of our paid products. This can occur at any time while you are preparing your return. All your information will automatically be transferred to TaxSlayer Classic (only $24.95 for your federal return) so you can quickly finish filing. 

TaxSlayer Classic includes all supported forms, schedules, credits, and deductions.