Interesting State Taxes


Sometimes, we scratch our heads at certain taxes. Taxes can be a complicated and grueling process. But that’s why is here to give you a heads up on state taxes. Here a list of the some of the most interesting state tax laws in the US.

1. The Blueberry Tax of Main
Maine is blueberry central. They produced 83 million pounds of wild blueberries last year. According to state laws, anyone who grows, buys, sells, or handles blueberries is subject to the three-fourths of a penny per pound tax. The $1.5 million in revenue has been used for research and educational programs to help the crop grow better.

2. Hawaii’s “exceptional trees”
If you are into gardening in Hawaii, you can deduct up to $3,000 for maintaining your trees. The tree must have historical and cultural significance. The state has over 1,000 “exceptional trees.”

3. The Flush Tax of Maryland
Since 2004, all households get charged an extra $2.50 to their monthly water bill. The tax has produced over $370 million since 2004. The extra money has helped the state develop better technological processes for making water cleaner.

4. Arkansas “damaged cars”
Since Arkansas is prone to bad storms, there is a sales tax extended to cars that have been affected by natural disasters. The law applies to vehicles whose damage causes the car to be reduced to 30% of it’s value.

5. Premarital Counseling in South Carolina
If you plan on getting married in South Carolina, you are eligible for a $50 credit for receiving pre-marital counseling. As long as the counseling is done by a certified clergy member and the couple receives a marriage license during that year, they are eligible for the money.

6. Live Long in New Mexico
If you are over 100 years of age and not claimed as a depended, you are exept from income tax in New Mexico.

These may seem like strange laws, but they are all real and possibly beneficial to you as a taxpayer. There are tons of state taxes that apply to you and your family. Luckily, has a tremendous support team that is willing to help you with any questions you may have about e-filing your state taxes.

Get started today to get your maximum refund.

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